Growing Number of Foreign Students Study in Canada 

Cape Breton University is seeing something new this year. There are hundreds of new foreign students, mainly from China and India, relocating to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and the number keeps increasing. The first signs of the transformation were seen by the crowd waiting at the bus stop. There were 10 to 20 at a time and passing motorists have never seen anything like it in their little community. The college used to be a small regional university with declining enrollment, but it is now a thriving center for international education. If you are considering Canada for your place of education, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. Their team will help you through the procedure to receive your visa to live and work in Canada.

The skyrocketing growth of students sparked a local housing shortage and forced the place of education to hire additional staff and look for more classroom space. CBU even had to purchase the town more buses. The international student’s roster increased over three times in a two-year time frame. The budget increased by 37 percent, while other revenues were flatlining. The university also crossed a threshold; 75 percent of the students are from abroad. The trend of expanding international student enrollment is being seen across the entire country. In just over ten years, the number of foreign students in Canada has tripled. Canadian Visa Professionals helps to make sure all applications are complete and in the correct order. This allows all documents to be processed at the fastest speed and can make your dream of living in Canada become a reality. The goal of the company is to make sure you have all the chances you deserve by law. Contact them today!

The growth of international students has gone along with a shift in the way the places of education are funded. The government funding has not seen an increase, although the costs of education have risen. Accepting international students has helped bridge the funding gap, since the cost for global students is close to two to six times higher than for those from within the country. The team of immigration professionals will help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada. Contact them today to begin the immigration process.

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