Growing Demand for Wearable Technology Experts in Canada

There is an ever-increasing demand for wearable technology across the globe. The University of Calgary is taking advantage of the growth and implementing a program over the next six years to train 80 graduate students on becoming experts in the field of wearable technology. The Canadian government has given the university funding through a Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council CREATE grant. Reed Ferber, the director of the Running Injury Clinic, is leading a team of researchers from the college, from the faculty of science to engineering to nursing, and they are all forming an integrated team. Under one program, they have data visualization experts, data science experts, biomechanical and kinesiology experts, and engineering experts.

Although wearable technology is currently known for counting steps, Ferber imagines it moving to new uses in the years to come. “The really unique application is going to be in the area of health care and injury rehabilitation and prevention.” He is interested in how we can use the simple device to assist someone in preventing an injury or rehabilitating from an injury or surgery. He believes that is the direction the field is going to take in the next four to five years. If you are interested in studying in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. They will provide you with the best options available to live and work in Canada.

There are 24 companies, in Canada and abroad, involved in the new NSERC CREATE program and they are interested in recruiting the students. They will be offered internships ranging from one to four months and then potentially hire them. The problem the university will face is enticing the workers to return to finish their training. CanadianVP will walk you through the steps of immigration so you can live and work in Canada.

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