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Many individuals and families all around the world are seeking the opportunity to start their life a new in Canada – the land where everyone can fulfill their potential to the maximum and provide a better future for their children. Canadian Visa Professionals (CanadianVP), working in collaboration with authorized immigration consultants, allows each and every applicant to get the best chance of the desired outcome while providing full support and professional guidance on each step of the way.

The Mission of Canadian Visa Professionals

The essence of our service is to create the best conditions for each and every immigration visa applicant. 

This begins with an assessment of each client’s potential eligibility to apply for immigration to Canada through skilled worker visa programs. The assessment is performed by authorized immigration consultants who Canadian Visa Professionals subcontracts and it will inform the client about his or her best option to apply for a permanent resident visa to Canada. 

Guidance from the immigration consultants is also offered to make sure clients properly prepare and submit their forms and documents to the Canadian immigration authorities in the most efficient manner. 

In short, the Canadian Visa Professionals team makes sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

CanadianVP subcontracts Great North Immigration Inc. to perform eligibility screening of profiles of end-users. Great North Immigration is managed and operated by Mr. Amir Shuval and Ms. Sigal Barak, who are experienced Canadian immigration consultants. Their status as “Authorized Representatives” pursuant to Canada’s immigration law allows them to represent individuals in a wide range of Canadian immigration matters before federal and provincial immigration authorities.

Is it really necessary?

In general, having someone else to do all the paperwork instead of you is not really a necessity, but it can be very helpful, particularly when it involves something important like applying for immigration to Canada. 

The authorized immigration consultants who collaborate with CanadianVP can use their expertise, attained from many years of experience in this field, to simplify the complex immigration procedure for you and make sure everything is done correctly. 

This can help you to avoid making mistakes that could result in unnecessary delays. 

Furthermore, you can get accurate answers to your questions about immigration to Canada as well as your specific case from professionals who are trained and authorized to provide such information. 


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Important Note

The CanadianVP company is not authorized by the Canadian government and operates as an independent entity which subcontracts authorized immigration consultants to provide eligibility assessments and other professional services to CanadianVP clients. CanadianVP is not a government agency or a law firm and does not provide legal or immigration advice, nor does it approve anyone for immigration or any type of visa. Only the Government of Canada can issue a Canadian visa or approve someone for immigration to Canada.

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