Canadian Cities Are Among the World’s Best Places to Live

Canadian City

Canadian Cities Are among the World’s Best Places to Live

Canada is one of the best places to pick when considering relocation from your current country of residence. This country is also a perfect fit for you if you want to discover a wonderful new city destination for your next vacation. 

Canada has countless beautiful cities with an environment that will sustain your peaceful living. From a recent ranking of the world’s most livable cities, three cities in Canada made it to the top 10.

Based on this finding, Canadian Visa Professionals stated that people considering Canada as their vacation spot or new residential location are on their way to making a decision they would never regret.

The 2022 World’s Most Livable Cities

Vienna ranks no.1 on the 2022 list of the world’s most livable cities. Copenhagen came in second, while there was a tie between Calgary and Zurich for the 3rd position. 

Western European urban centers ranked high on the list. Aside from the 2nd and 3rd positions, other European cities in the top 10 are Geneva (no. 6), Frankfurt (no.7) and Amsterdam (no. 9). All of these European countries outperformed the perennial favorites like Paris, London and Barcelona. The cities ranked 19th, 33rd and 35th, respectively. 

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that aside from Calgary, two other Canadian cities made the top 10 list. These cities are Vancouver (no. 5) and Toronto (no.8).

Two other Canadian cities made the top 10 list Vancover and Toronto

Canada – A Comfortable Country of Residence for All

It is a thing of pride for three Canadian cities to be among the 2022 top echelon of the world’s most livable cities. Based on the factors for the ranking, it is evident that Canada is a conducive place for immigrants to start a new life.

Vancouver And Toronto

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