Startup Companies Attracting Top Talent in Canada 

Not all startups are struggling to fill open positions with top talent. LinkedIn released the 2018 Top Startups list for Canada. The study lists the most sought-after startups where top talent wants to not only work but stay. It was based on 14 million Canadian LinkedIn professionals. To determine the results, the group examined four things: the number of applications per job listings, engagement with non-employees, how well they attract employees from top companies, and the rate of a company’s employee growth. Daniel Roth, a senior editor for LinkedIn, said when companies pull from some large corporation, that is a sign the company is making a massive impact. If you are considering relocating to Canada for a job opportunity, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. They will walk you through the immigration process. 

According to Sandra Ugrin, the director of people experiences at Coinsquare, the number two company on the list, the company has seen growth and there is no shortage of applications to choose from. Ugrin attributes the increase to really strong online engagement and a staff that shares, retweets, and reports what is going on in the company where they love to work. The company can offer exceptional career opportunities. Ample, the 7th ranked company, received applications from employees at IBM and Shopify. Growing startups are seen as a way to acquire additional skills and experience, so people are not afraid to leave Wall Street to work with firms like Wealthsimple or Coinsquare. They enjoy the fresh challenge. If you are looking for a new path to financial freedom, Canada has many open opportunities for you and your family. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals today!

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