Canadian Province of New Brunswick Attracts Foreign Workers

Moncton, the largest Canadian city in the province of New Brunswick, has a population of 71,889. The city’s immigration strategy has allowed it to gain more than double the skilled foreign workers in the past four years. President David Campbell of Jupia Consultants, Inc., said these numbers exclude the Syrian refugees who came to the region in 2016. He said it shows significant progress and the city is looking for a record year. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals with any questions about the immigration process. They can provide you with a personal assessment and inform you about your best visa options.

Campbell said they are working to align the newcomers with jobs that match their skillset. “We’re trying to find people…for whom it would be a good career move to come to our community and work in these sectors,” he commented. There are many job opportunities available in Canada. Canadian Visa Professionals will provide you with a personal approach and help make your dream come true to start a new life in Canada.

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