LNG Project in B.C. Could Support Thousands of Jobs in Canada

British Columbia could experience an economic goldmine from the liquefied natural gas export facility being built in northern B.C., according to a report by Gil McGowan. McGowan, the president of the Alberta Federation of Labor and co-chair of Alberta’s energy diversification advisory team, said the news is good for B.C. and it could open the door for extraordinary economic diversification in Alberta. It is expected that Alberta’s petrochemical sector would double its output. If you are considering relocating to Canada, contact CanadianVP. Their team of highly qualified experts will walk you through the steps of immigration to Canada. With the proper visa and their guidance, you will be able to live and work in this progressive country.

The petrochemical industry in Alberta brings $20 billion to the annual economy. A full range of jobs added by the facility would include project management for people in Calgary and engineering. Also, there would be an increase in operation jobs, construction jobs, and additional spinoff jobs. The prospects are vast, making the industry go from $20 billion a year to $40 billion a year in less than 20 years. The Canadian jobs created from the project would be long-term jobs. It is projected that there would be 100,000 extra jobs in Alberta alone, every year. It is a win-win situation for B.C. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals to obtain the correct visa to live and work in Canada. The opportunities in the country are limitless for you and your family.

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