Refugees Donate Blood to Express Thanks for Living in Canada

Syrians all over Canada have donated blood during a coordinated effort to thank the country that welcomed them. With the help of Canadian Visa Professionals, people around the world are exploring their options for a better life in Canada. Many Syrians who found new lives in Canada thanked their fellow Canadians on “Syrian Canadian Donation Day” by donating blood. Donors Adel Ghanam and Hiyam Janduda were happy to donate blood as a way to thank Canada for their new their home.

The Meaning of Donation

In Syria, donating blood is a very symbolic gesture that shows that the person giving blood will do whatever they can for you. Sam Nammoura and Mohammed Alsaleh, both from Syria, explained the meaning behind the gesture. Donors wanted to give the same gift of life to Canadians that they had received. The Canadian Visa Professionals team of experts guides people through each step of the procedure to live in Canada.

Syrians Happy to Give, But Worried

While donors were happy to give blood, they were still worried about their family and friends back in Syria, due to the ongoing conflict there.

Thanks to the team of experts at Canadian Visa Professionals, many individuals have the chance to start a new life in Canada and also express their gratitude for their new homes.

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