Canadians Win Big at the 2018 Academy Awards

The world watched the 2018 Oscars to find out who the best in cinema were and Canadians were not disappointed. The experts at Canadian Visa Professionals were not at all surprised by the winners.

The Winners

Nobody was surprised when producer J. Miles Dale won Best Picture for his movie “The Shape of Water.” Talking to the Canadian press later, Dale said that he was shocked and very proud. He noted that this was a wonderful win for the world of Canadian filmmaking and that most of the team who worked on the film were from Canada. Other Canadian winners for this film included set director Shane Vieau, Jeffery A. Melvin, and Paul Austerberry.

Additional Nominees

It wasn’t just Canadian winners who were honored. Other nominees from Canada included sound mixers Glen Gauthier, Brad Zoern, and Christian Cooke. Nominated sound editors Nelson Ferreira and Nathan Robitaille, in addition to editor Sidney Wolinsky and costume designer Luis M. Sequeria, received nominations for “The Shape of Water” as well. More and more, immigrants are using Canadian Visa Professionals so they can move to Canada and find their dream jobs.

Both actor Christopher Plummer and production designer Dennis Gassner are Canadian as well. “The Breadwinner,” an animated film, was nominated. It was written by a Canadian filmmaker, based on a novel by a Canadian author, and featured a Canadian actress.

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