The Labrador Retriever Is One of the Top Breeds in Canada

Dog breeding has always been popular across the globe. In Canada, one of the most popular breeds of dogs is currently the Labrador Retriever. This breed of dog has always been seen as a loyal companion and it makes sense that it would be such a popular option for Canadians. This breed has been the most popular since 1995 and shows no signs of relinquishing the top spot any time soon.

Being able to live the dream in Canada is very appealing to just about everyone. People from all over the world love to own dogs and many immigrants are coming to Canada seeking a safe place where they can feel at home with their pets as well. The Labrador Retriever has proven to be very popular among immigrants to Canada, too, as businesses such as Canadian Visa Professionals help record numbers of immigrants have the opportunity to move to Canada.

Immigrants Bring New Dogs

One interesting aspect to consider when thinking about dog breeds in Canada is that immigrants are going to change things over time. Different breeds of dogs are popular in different sections of the world. With companies, such as Canadian Visa Professionals, helping prospective immigrants get into Canada, they are bringing their pets with them. This means that the number of dog breeds in Canada will continue to diversify as well.

Immigrants love the breeds of dogs that are popular in Canada already. Even still, it is possible that you may see some other breeds rise up the list in the coming years as immigration to Canada is becoming incredibly prevalent. CanadianVP is definitely going to remain busy in the foreseeable future due to everyone having a great interest in moving to Canada.

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