Strong Economic Growth Forecast to Continue in Canada

The economy is looking strong for Canada and is forecast to continue in that pattern. The OECD recently released a report placing Canada among the top in the Group of Seven industrialized economies. The economic growth is expected to remain robust, as the domestic product is expected to grow over two percent this year and next year alike. If you are considering relocating for a job opportunity contact Canadian Visa Professionals for help with the process. They will walk you through the application process.

The report also praised Canada for its immigration policies. OECD chief of staff Gabriela Ramos said Canada needs to continue looking at the issues if the growth process is to remain sustainable. Canada will benefit from fine-tuning the economic-immigrant selection process by giving extra weight to determinants that affect the chances of immigrants finding good job matches. Canadian Visa Professionals provides help to make sure your application for granting immigration visa to Canada will go through. Contact them today!

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