Universities in Canada Are Among the Best in the World

Several Canadian universities were ranked among the best in the world. Times Higher Education has rated schools over the past 15 years based on reputation to the percentage of international students to research citations to staff-to-student ratio. They rank 1,250 institutions located in 86 countries. Overall, the University of Oxford ranked number one on the list, with the University of Cambridge following closely behind. If you are considering studying in Canada, contact CanadianVP. They can help you apply for the correct visa to study, live, and work in Canada.

The University of Toronto was the first Canadian university ranked on the list and it placed 21st in the world. The school is commonly classified as the top Canadian university according to many publications. They are noted for their influential movements and curricula in communication theory and literary criticism. This was the birthplace of stem cell research and insulin. The second listed Canadian university is the University of British Columbia with campuses located in Vancouver and Kelowna. UBC is British Columbia’s oldest university. The institution has one of the largest research libraries in all of Canada with over 9.9 million volumes. There are many great schools to choose from when coming to Canada for your education. Canadian Visa Professionals has a team of experts who can walk you through your options when considering Canada to live and work. Contact them today!

McGill University ranked 44th on the list of the world’s top 200 universities. McGill is located in Montreal, Quebec, and has over 40,000 students on their roster. There are 12 Nobel laureates, and five astronauts who graduated from the university. The science-oriented university that was established in 1887, McMaster ranked 77th as a top college in the world. This public research university is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and is adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It became a publicly funded non-denominational college in 1957. Canadian Visa Professionals is your gateway to Canada. They can make sure all of your applications for immigration will be completed accurately and in the correct order. This will increase your chances of receiving the required visa to study and live in Canada.

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