Nova Scotia Immigration Program Attracts Physicians

Nova Scotia has announced a new Canadian immigration plan specifically for qualified physicians due to the shortage of doctors in the province. To entice them to relocate, their Canadian immigration paperwork will be processed in a few days rather than the usual months or years. Also, to recruit physicians to relocate to Canada, a six-member recruitment team flew to London, England, and participated in the BMJ Career Fair. If you are considering relocating for work in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals for help with the immigration process. Their team of professionals can make sure your applications are completed and filed correctly.

In London’s Islington borough, the Nova Scotia flag can be seen flying proudly. The recruiting team is working hard to sell their province to physicians considering relocating for their practices. Dr. ToyinOdunuga, a general practitioner from England, is speaking with Dr. Simon Bonnington about life in Nova Scotia. Odunuga said her current situation is work-work balance instead of work-life balance. She is looking for a fresh start and a new adventure. She is one of close to 1,700 physicians and medical students at the career fair who are considering their next career step. Immigration to Canada is a good option for a new life for both young people and families. Canadian Visa Professionals can help to simplify the procedure of properly applying for a visa to live and work in Canada. Contact them today!

Dr. Maria Alexiadis, a resident of Halifax, said, “We’ve had interest from family docs, we’ve had interest from various specialties. I’m quite encouraged by this.” It is her first-time representing Nova Scotia at a recruiting fair. She said her role is important because physicians need to recruit physicians. One benefit for Nova Scotia is the relatively close location to London, which is only six hours away. The job fair is a large investment for Nova Scotia. Just to participate in the event costs $20,000, plus the travel expense of the six-man team. But the hope is the investment will pay dividends. There are many benefits to living in Canada. Canadian Visa Professionals can walk you through all of the steps of immigration and answer all of your questions. You and your family can have the opportunity to live the Canadian dream.

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