Canadian Universities Teach Students Skills for Jobs of the Future

As artificial intelligence and automation are transforming many Canadian workplaces, Canadian universities say they are aiming to prepare students for jobs that may not even exist yet. Post-secondary institutions are keeping data science, cybersecurity, and climate change in the spotlight as they offer programs to address the needs of the changing marketplace along with the changing society, according to Paul Davidson. Davidson, the president of the association Universities Canada, said predicting can be a difficult task.

Future Jobs Have Not Yet Been Defined

Davidson said, “There are numbers like 50 percent of the jobs of the future have not yet been defined, and so how does an organization prepare for that kind of change?” A report recently released said around half of the jobs in Canada will be affected by automation in the next ten years. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and “human skills” will be the main key to staying competitive in a time of artificial intelligence and disruption. RBC Economics recommends every undergrad has the opportunity for an internship, apprenticeship, a co-op to join, or other experiential placement before they graduate.

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Canadian universities say they are continually working with experts, faculty, and industry leaders to be sure students are prepared for the ever-changing labor and economic landscape. Vice-provost at the University of Toronto, says “future-proofing” is an intricate process involving rethinking curriculum revolving around future career trends.

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