Immigrant from Egypt Brings Canadians Together

“50/50 Nova Scotia”, a group founded by Egyptian immigrant Manal Osman, offers workshops for new immigrants to learn how to sell the items they make. People helped by Canadian Visa Professionals to move to Canada can now take advantage of these workshops to sell their goods and make a little money. Osman believes that starting a new business should be something anyone can do, and also provides the space for people to make new connections with others.

Finding Funding

Osman offers many workshops, such as making pasta and fatayer (a Middle Eastern meat pie), and helps fund these workshops with the help of her friends. Amal Sharif, a friend helping with these events, knows that they need funding to get them started. They are looking for a way to get the funding they need to continue offering events. These kinds of events have become popular with immigrants who move to Canada with the assistance of firms like Canadian Visa Professionals.

Bringing People Together

These workshops are publicized on Facebook and are held at a local church. Osman wants to set up a table at a local market for participants to sell their goods. Canadian Visa Professionals loves the idea of supporting new immigrants in making their new life. Osman knows that selling goods will give people encouragement and strong feelings of self-worth.

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