Canadian Job Opportunities Available for French Teachers

Now is the perfect time for qualified teachers to find employment in Canada. There is currently a shortage of teachers for specialty areas of education, especially French teachers.

At a recent job fair held in Toronto, the school board of public schools in Vancouver visited with the hopes of filling these vacant positions. However, Vancouver is not the only area where the Canadian Visa Professionals firm has noticed a need for new teachers.

Canada Experiencing a Shortage of French Language Teachers

There are several factors leading to the increased demand for teachers in almost every province. One of the main contributing factors was the recent decision to adopt smaller class sizes. This led to the need to hire new teachers.

There has also been an increase in students signing up for French language classes. As many school boards are competing for qualified teachers, the Canadian Visa Professionals company believes this is a chance for teachers outside of Canada to consider moving to this great country.

Schools Boards Offer Exciting Incentives to Lure New Teachers

The Canadian Visa Professionals team can assist teachers from other countries that are interested in working and living in Canada. To make this option more appealing, many school boards are offering extra incentives to new teachers, including temporary housing and funds to help cover moving costs.

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