Chinese Immigrant Starts Successful Business in Canada

In the 1990s, the Canadian government created new opportunities for immigrants who had the funds to open or invest in a small business in Canada. Because of those opportunities and the improved educational support, Winnie Chan moved her family to Calgary from Hong Kong in 1993.

New Business and Access to a Good Education

The Canadian Visa Professionals firm regularly works with prospective immigrants who are interested in starting new businesses in Canada. That is what Winnie Chan had in mind when she moved here. However, she was also looking forward to the education that Canada could provide for her children.

Winnie soon opened a traditional coffee shop in Calgary. Her children quickly adapted to their new home and thrived at the local schools, which is something that the Canadian Visa Professionals firm often notices with young families. Immigrants often feel welcome and are quick to assimilate into their new communities.

An Immigrant Continues to Expand Her Business

Chan was soon able to open a second location on Centre Street. Her third location received additional support from actor Jackie Chan. He was in the area filming a movie and attended the opening of Winnie Chan’s new restaurant.

The CanadianVP team always enjoys discussing the success of immigrants. Winnie Chan came to this country 25 years ago and has managed to create a successful restaurant business and build a new home for her family.

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