Google’s Expansion to Generate Thousands of New Jobs in Canada

CanadianVP - Google

Google’s workforce in Canada will be tripling due to the new offices in Montreal, Waterloo, and Toronto

A new skills development program will ensure there is enough talent to employ for the open positions. The tech giant is also funding an accelerator to supply funding for the startups. Ruth Porat, the chief financial officer of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, said the new offices would allow the company to grow to 5,000 employees by 2022. She said it mirrors the incredible momentum they are having in Canada. When an organization as large and powerful as Google chooses to triple its workforce in Canada, the world takes notice.

New Google Employees in Canada by 2022

Only a decade ago, Canada’s tech sector was worried about different things than finding and retaining talent as they are now. They were concerned about workers moving south for jobs. Google was expecting their team to move to New York or San Francisco, much to the demise of the Canadian economy. Now Canada has built a tech ecosystem that is flipping the equation. 

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