Canadian Job Market Has Recovered Almost 75% of Positions

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Canada experienced almost pre-COVID-19 job numbers in September. 

According to Statistics Canada, the economy added 378,000 new positions and is within 720,000 jobs of where it was in February. Over three million jobs were lost in March and April before there was a comeback of positions in May. Jobs have been added every month since and is only a fourth short of recovering all of them.


The United States has only gained a little over 50 percent of its jobs back. There are many opportunities open for you in Canada. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals for help applying for the required visa to live and work in the country. You and your family will enjoy living in this diverse country where immigrants are accepted and celebrated.

Most of the new Canadian jobs added were full-time positions. All provinces except Prince Edward Island added new jobs. Ontario saw an increase of 167,000, Quebec added 76,000, B.C. grew by 54,000, and Alberta added 38,000 positions. The unemployment rate has decreased to nine percent and has been steadily falling since May. Students and teachers going back to school have given the Canadian job market a boost.

CVP - CanadianVP

Parents were able to return to their jobs along with the 68,000 educational workers. Immigration is a way to get the best options for your family. There are many opportunities available in Canada. Contact Canadian Visa Professionals for help applying for the best visa. They will walk you through each stage of the immigration process.

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