Canadian Universities Teach Students Skills for Jobs of the Future

Canadian universities are adapting their course offerings due to climate change, cybersecurity, and data science is increasingly in the spotlight.

The current needs are changing not only in the marketplace but in society, according to Paul Davidson, the president of Universities Canada. A recently released research paper reported that half of the jobs in Canada would be touched by automation in the next ten years.

Problem-solving and critical thinking will still be vital to staying competitive in an era of AI and disruption. The universities in Canada are at the top of the league in competitive fields.

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The vice-provost academic at York University, Alice Pitt, said the university is uniquely situated to provide the skills. A new pilot program run by the faculty in the school’s engineering school and dance department is “really oriented towards the future of work.” Collaborating across fields is important when developing skills, Pitt said, looking at a new pilot developed by the engineering school oriented toward the future of work.

The multi-campus program joins fourth-year students in interdisciplinary teams to tackle problems voiced by various industry and non-profit groups. They focus on the abilities and skills needed to address the challenges. Thanks to the quality of education in Canada, the country has become one of the top places to immigrate in the world.

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