Canadian Citizenship Makes Immigrant Feel Like Part of the Family

A citizenship ceremony at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery welcomed 35 people from 17 different countries.


These new citizens spent their first Canada Day in Fredericton experiencing a dream come true. Some of the newcomers have lived in Canada for years, even growing up in this country. Immigration is a way of getting the best options for life for families and youth.

Marjorie Gorospe came to Canada from The Philippines in 2011. She had planned to stay for a year, but enjoyed the country. Gorospe went to school and became an educational assistant. She felt like Canada recognized her and the other immigrants for all of the hard work and sacrifices they made.


“It’s like a graduation, and really the best recognition we could get from the country we live in,” Gorospe commented. She mentioned that many of the new immigrants come alone, leaving siblings and children behind, just to give them a better life by sending them money.


Michael Quiain has been in Canada since 2009. He owns two businesses in the Fredericton region. He noted Canada is an easy place to live and people are friendly. He said receiving citizenship means he will be able to cast ballots. “I like the community. Without the Canadian citizenship, I cannot change it,” he said.


 Alice Park, from South Korea, relocated to Canada when she was in Grade 3. Her parents made the move, so Alice would have more opportunities to learn the English language. She struggled at first because of the new language, the new food, and new people. As soon as she made friends, she began to feel at home. Now at age 13, gaining her citizenship has made her feel like she is part of a family.


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