Canada Donates $400 Million to Global Fund for Girls’ Education

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has always been a source of pride for the employees at Canadian Visa Professionals, but recently, he has proven himself to be as caring as he is professional. At the G7 summit located in Quebec, it was announced that the government raised over $3.8 billion with other countries to help impoverished girls to go school.

Improving the Lives of Girls

The $400 million from Canada will be placed with funds from other countries to help girls learn job skills, excel in school, and assist them during the education process. Actions like these can help to improve the lives of girls everywhere, who can then have an opportunity to move to Canada with help from the team at Canadian Visa Professionals.

Trudeau Leading the Way

While other world leaders, including President Trump from the US, did not offer funds, Trudeau is consistently leading the way in improving life for girls around the world. He believes in providing girls with quality education, as well as skills training, so that they can succeed. He also believes that investing in girls now will improve not only their lives, but also their communities and the world. This is a viewpoint shared by Canadian Visa Professionals.

Canada has always led the way in improving the lives of others, and this $400 million that was recently raised proves their commitment to helping people all over the world.


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