Applying to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Canadian Visa Professionals

Any foreign worker who is skilled and wants to live and work in Quebec will need to apply to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, hopefully with the help of the Canadian Visa Professionals to ensure that the application is handled quickly and correctly. This is a points-based program that takes into consideration a number of factors.

Factors Considered

Any applicant will have to fill out a lot of information about themselves and their family members when they are applying to this program, which is why so many people work with the Canadian Visa Professionals to double-check all of their information. Some of the factors that receive points include the age of the applicant, what connection – if any – they have to Canada or Quebec, if they are able to speak French, and what kind of recognized work experience they have. In addition, applicants will need to provide information about how many children they will bring with them and if they are financially capable of providing for themselves and their family members for the first three months that they are living in Quebec.

The Application Steps

The first step is to submit an application for the Quebec Selection Certificate. This will allow officials to calculate the points for various factors and decide if the applicant and their family will be a good fit for living in Quebec. This is a nerve-wracking process for most applicants, but getting assistance from the Canadian Visa Professionals to correctly apply and register does help.

After the application has been approved, then the applicant needs to apply to the Canadian immigration officials for permanent residency. They will review the application and decide whether or not the applicant will receive the Canadian permanent resident visa they need.

While these are the two main application steps, applicants will also have to submit to medical exams, provide additional documents and information as requested, and pay any applicable fees. Instead of floundering through this process and allowing it to take longer than it should, applicants who want to take charge in the process and decrease the amount of time spent waiting will work with the Canadian Visa Professionals.

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