Take Advantage of New Jobs in Canada!

Canadian Visa Professionals

With a growing economy, a low birth rate, an aging population, and a shortage of skilled workers, Canada has a record high number of jobs remaining unfilled. This is the highest rate of job vacancy in Canadian history. For immigrants looking for economic opportunities, now is the time to apply to work in Canada! Canadian Visa Professionals will guide you through every step of the visa application process and help you get started in your new home.

Most Unfilled Jobs in Canadian History

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business released a report in December 2017 announcing that Canada has the highest rate of vacant jobs in the private sector on record. The job vacancy rate sits at 2.8 percent, which is the highest vacancy rate since the recession that occurred in 2008. British Columbia has the highest job vacancy rate of all the provinces at 3.4 percent. Quebec and Ontario were right behind with rates above three percent as well. Meanwhile Newfoundland, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island have the lowest job vacancy rates in Canada. The retail, hospitality, and construction industries have the highest number of unfilled jobs.

Perfect Time to Move to Canada

Canadian Visa Professionals is happy to report that immigrants are flocking to Canada in record numbers, and it is no secret why. These smart individuals want to take advantage of Canada’s growing economy and economic opportunity. Not only does Canada have open jobs waiting for these individuals, but it is also very immigrant-friendly. If you would like to make Canada your new home, let Canadian Visa Professionals simplify the process for you and help you get your visa quickly.

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