What Canadians Are Looking for in a Job Offer

Canada has a lot to celebrate with a booming job market, low jobless rate, and high job creation, thanks in part to companies like Canadian Visa Professionals. Avalee Prehogan, senior regional manager at the Robert Half HR firm, said that it is getting difficult to keep up with the high demand for skilled employees.

The Importance of Vacation Time

This is great for job seekers who, in addition to valuing good pay, are interested in being offered enough vacation time as well as prospects for career advancement. Vacation benefits are incredibly popular, especially among workers aged 35-54, while younger workers (18-34) are more interested in the possibility of advancing their career. Companies like Canadian Visa Professionals help their clients better understand their options to live and work in Canada.

In addition, potential employees are taking into consideration the Canadian work environment as a whole and the ability to potentially work from home. It makes sense that older employees would value vacation time as they are more likely to have families and want to spend time with them.

The Importance of Disconnecting

Prehogan understands that one of the huge benefits of vacation time is the ability to disconnect and get away from work. Being able to completely relax away from the workplace pressures is very important.

The Canadian Visa Professionals company notes that many immigrants are moving to Canada because of the high salaries as well as the good work-life balance available there.

It’s important that job seekers have in mind a list of the most important benefits that they are looking for in a job in Canada.

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