Canadian Visa Professionals: Fun Facts About Canada Day (Infographic)

Canada`s day Facts

Do you know how Canadians celebrate Canada day?
Canadian Visa Professionals team has chosen to present you facts about this special day. If you want to relocate and celebrate “Canada day”, contact us today!

40% Attend a fireworks show
32% gather with friends to celebrate
18% Attend an official celebration
12% other
3% cover everything in maple syrup
29% nothing

interesting facts to mark Canada day:
49% use the expression “eh” occasionally
35% say Canadian bacon is the country’s national food
40% consider themselves “casual hockey fans.”
50% of Canadian say the toque is the most Canadian item of clothing
out of the country’s musicians, 2% are proud to call Justin Bieber Canadian

Canada`s day Facts

Credit: Statista

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